Business Networking Done Differently

Our Why


Does the word ‘Business Networking’ make you Nauseas?

Have you approached Business Networking with Dread 🤢 fearing the inevitable interaction with Energy Vampires? 

Energy Vampires are those not-so-nice people who only think about themselves and just keep talking about themselves without letting you get a word in edgewise.

To be fair, you can’t blame them. They Looooove the sound of their voice… 😵


…don’t know of a better way to do Business Networking.

But, there IS a better way.

You’ve felt it as well.

You’ve thought – there Must be Better way to do Business Networking!

You’ve been looking for it, but haven’t found it…

… until now!

Dynamite is very different.

We’re not for everyone.

We’re certainly not for Energy Vampires (we keep ’em out) 😄

Our Purpose is to Ignite Authentic Human Connection and to level-up your business thereafter!