Delivering Dignity one LifeKit at a time

Our Why:


LifeKit is a 501c3 based in Los Angeles County whose main purpose is to alleviate the burden of the homeless population and create community consciousness amongst all stakeholders.


Our organization is named after the LifeKits that we hand out, because we believe granting individuals dignity through these basic hygiene items is an immediate necessity. A LifeKit can contain many different types of items depending on the campaign and the wants and needs of the community we are serving. They can be comprehensive survival kits for 7 or 10 days or contain all the essential school supplies needed for kids to go to school and learn effectively. To learn more about specific LifeKits check out our campaign pages.

The world is moving on, but some people are still left behind. Technology has transformed our lives, but it still hasn’t reached everyone. 


If given the right tools, what people can do with them is only limited by their imagination. At Bern, we believe that we can help people live better lives, learn new skills and enhance their productivity. 


We believe the next generation of breakthrough discoveries will come from people in Developing countries. It excites us to wonder what amazing things people will create in the future.


Our Mission is to mobilize people and resources in the fight to strengthen our communities, improve the quality of life of all individuals within that community and engage every individual in the fight to inspire hope, grant dignity and contribute to a shared humanity.


Our Vision is of a world where every individual is able to reach their full potential by having universal access to basic necessities. We are fighting each day to create an era of dignity and compassion through those basic necessities for all living beings.


Ethics: We hold ourselves and others to the highest level of ethics, which includes not lying, stealing, cheating or compromising another humans well being.

Integrity: Say what you mean, do what you say, take responsibility and be accountable.

Respect: Treat all people with dignity and compassion to ensure all beings feel seen and heard.

Diversity: Our differences help us learn, grow, and challenge our norms.

Inclusiveness: We strive to create communities and spaces where everyone is empowered to contribute and feels safe and secure.